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Strategic Church Partner

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Save your church $10,000+ annually!

Volunteers emerge with confidence and competency

Vision creates the



It all starts with vision! Clarity around the vision allows for fearless decision making. We can help bring that clarity, which becomes the measuring stick for all the efforts of your church. Clear vision provides for more efficiency and effectiveness in ministry. What is the unique thumbprint of your church? Everything we do comes back to your vision for the church.



Technology is simply a tool we use to more effectively communicate the Gospel message. The message is timeless but the methods are timely. We can help you with the design and build of new systems or we can optimize your existing systems. This always leaves our clients feeling like they received a new system without purchasing expensive new equipment.



You can have the best technology money can buy and yet the worship experience suffers. A well trained team is the answer! You've invested in the systems, now invest in your team. Your investment communicates value and significance to your team. See how dpcherry can elevate your team to new heights.


What is it you want people to feel as they drive past your church, drive into your parking lot, step inside the building, drop their kids off, walk into the worship center or even exit the building? Everything speaks. It all contributes to the experience and whether guests will return or attendees will engage. We can secret shop your church and provide a report and suggestions.

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