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It All Comes to This

Have you ever had the thought: I've just wasted the last x years of my life?

What if all those years were simply preparation for what is next?

Here I am, after 25 years of full time ministry and 5 years working with AV integrators I am wondering, what now? I had gotten to the point in ministry where I knew I wanted to work with the church but not for the church. (That's when the AV integrator work began.)

I had the honor to travel for the past 3 years visiting with 6-12 churches a week all over the country exploring each church's vision. I've learned how team dynamics and technology converge to fulfill that vision. It was nothing short of a magnificent journey of learning and refining just what was ahead for me.

In March 2017 I launched my new firm, dpcherry, LLC. I'm still getting clarity around all that I will do and how I will earn a living at it, but I truly believe my life's journey has prepared me for this.

I am passionate about finding clarity.

One of the things I often speak to church leaders about is vision. I believe that when we have clear vision we can make fearless decisions. As we bring clarity around their vision we can then think about how technology is used to help bring about the environment we have envisioned.

The people component of the equation can not be overlooked! Having the best technology in place is one thing, we must have trained and qualified people to operate it.

Honestly, the vision doesn't stop there, let's have a vision for our teams. I'm not a fan of hiring for every position we need. In fact, I have only 2 qualifiers to hire: 1. There is a skill requirement not available in any of our volunteers (BTW, in my Technical Pastor days, Ididn't call our team "volunteers", they were staff - just unpaid staff). 2. There is a time requirement not available in any of our volunteers. I'll write more about this in an upcoming post.

Vision drives the technology, technology drives the team.

Team + technology + vision = the desired worship environment.

Vision, Technology, Team & Worship Environment: This is what dpcherry, LLC is all about.

Let's have a conversation. Sign up today for a free 30 minute consultation.

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