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worship experience = vision + strategy + team + technology

dpcherry is pleased to offer a wide range of services specially designed for your church. We don't have our own agenda. We capture your vision and develop a process to help you fulfill that vision. Whether you are frustrated with growth, health of the team, flow of the service, quality of audio, inadequate lighting, untrained volunteers or overall experience DPCherry will deliver the skills and solution your team needs. Maybe you're looking at options for growth: Should we build, expand our current building, launch a multi-site or construct a new building, let us help you navigate the turbulent waters of expanding your tent.

Services Offered

Let's face it, we can't do what we need to do without volunteers. This is one of the most challenging disciplines for us as church leaders. With more than two decades of volunteer team development, you can rest assured a practical plan will be developed specifically for you and your church. Let's talk!

Unlike most training seminars, we come into YOUR facility, train YOUR people on YOUR equipment. We don't take your folks into a hotel ballroom and try to sell them equipment. There are several training options available to choose from. Let's talk!

Ever wish that your sound system just sounded better? What about the functionality of the video system? Is everything being illuminated well? Chances are really good that it can without even having to purchase any additional equipment. We will come in and evaluate your system, develop a plan for optimization and by the end of our visit you will be thinking you just purchased a new system. It is bringing an old system back to life. We can even diagram your system on paper so your staff and volunteers will have a better idea of how the system operates. Let's talk!

dpcherry is available as a consultant for technical systems, production needs, team building and direction. We can be your advocate for new building projects and system upgrades.

Sunday Morning Training

dpcherry is available on Sunday mornings to train and equip your technical team. Whether it is a one time training or a series of Sundays we can get your staff and volunteers up to speed in operating your equipment and using technology as a tool to enhance the worship experience in your environment.

People are talking...

There are many competent professionals who can provide help with overall sound quality. What differentiates David is his background in church sound and his heart for God’s house. He will not only help to make your sound the best it’s ever been, he will motivate and bless your entire team with both practical and spiritual principles. David brings not only knowledge of sound, but biblical wisdom and anointing that is sure to bless your church.

Austin TX

David spent the time needed to ensure we were beyond pleased with his services.  He has the patience needed to work with both the seasoned sound professional and the novice volunteer.  He will be sure to leave your team excited about their role and purpose in reaching people for Christ!  

Austin TX

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