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CPI Audio 101 - Fall 2018

Full Payment



Payment Plan

3 Payments


1st payment before session 1

2nd payment before session 5

3rd payment before session 9


Church Production Institute’s Audio 101 program is designed for the individual that has limited knowledge in audio. Through this program they will develop the skills to enter an audio tech position with consistency, confidence and competency. This is certainly a great refresher course for anyone. 


This 12 week/24 hour program will take place on the same night each week. Although, there may be weeks that are skipped due to holidays or other special events. The mixing console being used will be one most common to churches surveyed, currently the Behringer X32.


An assessment will be administered at the beginning of the program and at the conclusion of the program to document growth.


Church Production Institute is more than technical training, it is also about heart. Soft skills are critical to succeeding in the role of an audio technician. How we work with leadership as well as team members and and how to respond to last minute requests is all part of the program. 


Here is a breakdown of topics:


Week 1

We start with the WHY. It might be fun to turn knobs and push faders, but why we do it is what gets us up in the morning. We’ll discuss the value of technical ministries/tech arts. Technical excellence with a heart of worship is the spirit behind the entire program. 


Week 2-11

  • Basic sound system design/overview

  • Input sources

  • Microphones - types and application

  • The mixing console

  • EQ and dynamics

  • Planning for events - preplanning, communication, documentation

  • Line check/sound check

  • Developing a great mix - with a live band


Week 12

We will conclude with instruction on the spirit of a leader and recruiting. In order for our teams to remain healthy, we must reproduce ourselves. 


A graduation certificate will be provided upon the successful completion of the program, all alumni will be invited to participate in our private Facebook group for continued community and support.

Fall 2018 sessions will be held at:

Summit Worship Center

10401 Anderson Mill Road, Suite 111, Austin, Texas


Dates: September 9, 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 27 & December 4

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