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Church Production Institute

Your tech team needs training!

Based on conversations with church leaders

Fall Program

Audio 101

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space is limited for this hands on training

Church Production Institute equips volunteers to serve in the local church.

Volunteers emerge with consistencyconfidence and competency in operating the church technical systems.

No need to outsource for these critical positions anymore! 

Workbook & Private Facebook Group included

Workbook & Private Facebook Group provided

Intensive Weekend


This is the Church Production Institute's Audio 101 class in 1 weekend. Ideal for investing in your eager to learn audio team. Get them up to speed quickly with this hands on training. Up to 6 people. Sample schedule.


$400 off $3250 for the summer

Private Clinic

4 hour session

This is the Fast Track Training created as a result of church leaders wanting a better weekend service. We work with the audio techs for 2 hours then bring in the worship team for a run through. Very effective and quick. Work this into your annual budget. Up to 6 people, $75 per addition.


12 Week Institute

12 2-hour sessions

Invest in your volunteers. They want to learn but there's no one to teach them - now there is! Each week your volunteer will get practical knowledge and experience. This is open enrollment and held at a host facility in Austin, Texas.


Sessions begin in September 2018




8 hour session

Sometimes it's difficult to commit to a 12 week course, yet the training is critical. This workshop might be just what you need. You'll get the basics of audio as well as mix your live worship team. Learn the WHY behind the what of what we do.


up to 10 people

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What will you learn?

  • Heart of Worship (why we do this)

  • System Design/Overview

  • System Interconnects

  • Microphones Types/Application

  • Mixing Console

  • EQ/Dynamics

  • Sound Check

  • Developing a Great Mix

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